About BAM

Tired of gobbledygook social media advice that relishes in its own technospeak? Looking for simple, step-by-step, personalized guidance on making your online marketing campaigns happen? Want someone to just cut the bullshit and give it to you straight? You’ve come to the right place.

My name is Anne Chaconas, and I’m a social media and marketing consultant. My mission is to give you the tools to successfully find and engage your target market. I help people and businesses increase their social media presence, create impactful ad campaigns, and get the buzz started. In short: I provide easy-to-follow, fully personalized advice for kickass social networking.

Over the past five years I’ve worked with businesses and individuals, helping them find their inner freak and let it roar. I’ve increased their social media reach and helped them walk on the edge of awesome. I’d love to help you, too.

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BADASS MARKETING: NOT YOUR MOMMA’S SOCIAL MEDIA (my guide to social media that engages, entertains, and doesn’t suck the big one) is coming Fall 2013, and will be available as an e-book.

You can find Badass Marketing on Facebook and Twitter. You can find me pretty much everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Pinterest.