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Are you a first-time author looking to promote your debut novel? Are you a seasoned writer looking to amp up your book sales and online presence? Are you confused about how to market yourself and your book (and still find time to write the sequel)? Do you just need someone to handle the marketing of your work for you? Check out my services below, and then email me or complete this form–let’s talk!


In addition to the hourly consulting and social media setup, training, and management services listed here, I also offer services tailored specifically to authors and their needs. Authors are the largest percentage of my clientele and, as a writer myself, I understand the questions, concerns, worries, and needs they have. Navigating the murky waters of marketing can be intimidating for even the bravest of wordsmiths. I can be your no-bullshit guide. Here’s how I can make your life easier:

Hourly consulting

My basic hourly consulting rate is $50/hr. I have a 2-hour minimum purchase requirement.

Hourly consulting is 100% customized to your particular needs. I can help streamline your social media campaigns, create marketing strategies, put together advertising campaigns, help you put together blogging schedules, set up your website, or train you on social media best practices (just to name a few of the many things we could do). That’s the wonderful thing about it–it’s 100% about you, and you only pay for the hours you need.

My consulting services cover, but are not limited to:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Newsletters, list-building, and inbound marketing
  • Blogging (setup, topics, theme, editing of posts)
  • Branding (website, social profile images, business cards)
  • Marketing (campaigns, advertising, guerrilla marketing)
  • Promotions (sales, giveaways)

Note, I typically recommend a 10-hour purchase for any customized branding, marketing, advertising, or promotions.

Book promotions – starting at $195

Getting the word out about your book is the first of many marketing steps you need to take to formally establish your brand, build buzz, and ramp up your sales. One of the many ways you can do this is with online book promotions. I manage all aspects of it, from lining up book bloggers and coordinating posting dates, to creating and curating contests and giveaways. You sit back and enjoy the ride. Here’s some of what I can do:

  • Book Bonanza ($495): Line up book bloggers to post reviews about your book, interviews with you (or your characters!), guests posts, and promotional posts for a full month of promotional chatter in blogs and social media. Blog tours can be completely customized to fit your needs, including contests and giveaways. BAM guarantees at least one blog posting about your book for each day of the tour (and we aim for 2-3/day!). BAM hosts a complimentary Rafflecopter giveaway with the Book Bonanza that includes a $25 Amazon gift card for readers and a free e-copy of your book, and also provides $10 Amazon giftcard prize to the blogger with the most comments!* 
  • Book Blitz ($295): A week-long publicity firestorm with at least 25 book blogs posting either pre-written posts or reviews on all their platforms. A great way to either start the buzz on your book, or rekindle a previously-released title! BAM hosts a complimentary Rafflecopter giveaway with the Book Blitz that includes a $15 Amazon gift card for readers and a free e-copy of your book, and also provides $10 Amazon giftcard prize to the blogger with the most comments!* 
  • Release Day Media Launch ($195): Get at least 20 book blogs (and their associated social media profiles) posting reviews and promotional posts on the day your book goes public. What better way to bring your baby into the world? BAM hosts a complimentary Rafflecopter giveaway with the Release Day Media Launch that includes a $10 Amazon gift card for readers and a free e-copy of your book, and also provides $10 Amazon giftcard prize to the blogger with the most comments!*

*We recommend that additional prizes be included in the giveaway, since this helps increase participation and sharing of the posts. These additional prized are paid for and provided by the author. Tour must be paid in full in order for BAM-provided prizes to be available.  

Want to sign up to be a Badass Book Blog Tour Host? Click here.

Social media assessment, optimization, and growth – starting at $150

Are your social media accounts doing what they should be doing? Are they set up correctly? Are you easy to find? Do you want more likes, fans, and followers? I can provide you with a detailed assessment of your profiles, optimize them for maximum exposure and growth, and train you on how and when to post and reply to increase and engage your followers. A final quote will be provided after we discuss your needs and wants. 

Website and blogging platform selection, setup, and guidance – starting at $500

Choosing a domain name, a hosting provider, and a blogging platform can be a lot of work–and then getting it all set up and figured out can be an even bigger pain. And let’s not even talk about creating graphics and choosing widgets to customize your site and convey your writerly personality. I can help with all of that–and get your new site hooked up to your social media accounts and newsletter. A final quote will be provided after we discuss your needs and wants. 

E-book formatting – $100 (formatting only) / $150 (formatting+upload) per book

Get your book e-reader ready! I also guarantee my formatting–if any issues pop up after it’s been uploaded, I will go back and fix them until the book is perfect.

Multi-book discounts are available–just ask! 

NOTE: If you choose the formatting+upload option, I will upload the book to both Amazon and Smashwords (for Nook, iBookstore, Kobo, etc. distribution). Please note, I will need your account information for both of these venues in order to do this. This does not include the purchase of an ISBN (since neither Amazon nor Smashwords require it). If you would like to have your own, purchased ISBN attached to your e-book, you will have to purchase it separately and provide it to me.

Print book formatting – starting at $200

Get your book ready for print! I also guarantee my formatting–if any issues appear in your proof, I will go back and fix them until the book is perfect.

Formatting starts at $200 for a book of 250 pages or less. Additional pages are $0.50 each.

Note: Prices are for basic formatting. If you want any sort of graphic elements (headers, footers, chapter start images, etc.), you must provide them. Please let me know so that I can advise you on image specifications. 

Author bio creation – $75

Your author biography needs to be pithy, catchy, and memorable, conveying both your personality and relevant authorly information. I will give you a detailed questionnaire that you will complete, and then craft an author bio that will capture you and engage your potential readers (and any agents you pitch yourself to).

Book blurb creation – $150

Ah, the dread book blurb. Even the most seasoned of writers can find themselves wanting to punch something small and defenseless when the time comes to work on it, I can help. I’ll read your book, discuss it with you, break it down, come up with a synopsis, and put together a totally kickass blurb. No muss, no fuss.

Goodreads setup and optimization – starting at $150

Goodreads is the premier network connecting readers and authors. An optimized author presence is key to attracting and engaging readers. Once your profile has been created and maximized, I can provide training on how to grow and maintain it.

Amazon setup, upload, and optimization – starting at $150

Amazon is the primary purchasing site for readers, particularly those looking for e-books. Ensuring your books and author profile are optimized for Amazon search is essential to making yourself easy to find amidst the millions of published works and authors available.

Note: E-book upload only is available at the rate of $50 per book.

Referral services – rates vary

Marketing your book is important–putting out a great product is even more important. Hiring an editor, book formatter, and cover designer should be on your “MUST DO” list–and if you’re thinking of having a book trailer or book “swag,” then having professionals help you out there is key, as well. The editors, designers, and overall awesome people in my Badass Referral Network are there for you. They can help you with:

  • Manuscript editing
  • Cover design
  • Book trailer creation
  • “Swag” creation

I cannot guarantee results or sales. I can guarantee, however, that you will receive the very best I have to offer, and that I will go above and beyond in the work you have contracted me for.

Please note, all hours/fees must be paid in advance of the services to be provided. You will be billed via PayPal. Funds must be received before work can begin. All rates are non-negotiable.

Want to work with me and make your social media presence whoosh to the next level? Want to ask me if I can help you with an aspect of your social media, branding, promotions, marketing, or blogging that is not listed here? Email me or complete this form–let’s talk!



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