Despite what you may have heard, it’s not all about the Benjamins (baby). One of my favorite things to do is give out free advice–because there is precious little free stuff in the world, and there’s even less actual useful free stuff.

Good deeds beget good karma.

Free good deeds beget badass good karma.

Here are the things I give away for free:

  • Initial consultations (for both business and author clients). Want to have a 30-minute chat about what you’d like to accomplish with your advertising, marketing, and social media strategies? Let’s start a dialogue and then let’s chat via phone, Skype, or Google Hangout.
  • Webinars. Online sessions covering social media setup, security, marketing, publicity, and best practices. Always free. Always awesome. << COMING SOON! Sign up for the BAM! Weekly to find out when they start! 
  • White papers. Comprehensive guides to the most common questions and problems in social media profiles and marketing. << COMING SOON! Sign up for the BAM! Weekly to find out when they start! 

I also have a free weekly newsletter chockablock with the latest social media news, knowledge, and marketing how-to. You can sign up for the BAM! Weekly here


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